Meet THE Prompter

Natural workflow for everyday life

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Goals set but not met?

  • You are a student, wanting to make the grade, following up on assignments and term projects, studying for exams, or preparing applications for college or a job.
  • You are a working parent, with demands on all sides, organizing kids' projects, household needs and a family vacation, or taking an online course and looking for a new job.
  • You are a community member, trying to make something happen, organizing a book club, a community event or volunteer project.

Prompting Can Help

It is easy to set goals, hard to finish them. Especially when goals require thought, follow up, or coordination with other people.

The prompter steps you through. You set up a schedule of check-in times. At those times you have a brief session with the prompter. It helps you focus on goals and make choices: defer, break it down, commit to a time.

Involve others who can help The prompter lets you include other people, so you can ask questions, get encouragement, or make requests. Prompting keeps you all in sync, gracefully, without notifications popping up all the time, or requests falling by the wayside.

Before you know it, you've met your goal. And another, and another. You're in control.