Meet the Prompter

Natural support for everyday action

Want to meet your goals?

You already know how.

  • Don't ignore stuff

    Engage with open issues regularly.

  • Don't get stuck

    Break it into parts, decide what to do next and when, and do it.

  • Don't fly solo

    Keep others in the loop and ask for help when you need it.

You've heard it a thousand times. Should be easy.

So what’s the problem?


  • Your mind is not built to handle this simple algorithm reliably. It's not good at playing multiple blindfold chess either.
  • Your environment is filled with distractors, not focusers. Just look at your phone.

You need automated prompting

  • The Prompter engages your attention in a personalized way, so you don't ignore stuff.
  • It notices stalls and presents diagnostics, so you don't get stuck.
  • And, when you choose, it coordinates with other stakeholders, so you don't fly solo.
  • Plus, there are templates, for added power.

Try it.