Students need help outside the classroom

Often students know what needs to be done — they just don't do it. What’s missing are basic systems for breaking it down, pacing themselves, and actually getting it done.

That’s why we built the Prompter

The Prompter is a software tool that provides personalized cues to help each student engage, commit, and complete the work.

  • Practical for busy teachers

    Teachers can launch multi-step activities with a single click, monitor student progress, and provide support.

  • Personalized for students

    Each student makes personalized choices about steps and timing. The system promotes accountability and independence.

Teacher View

Student View

Want to Learn More?

Gain hands-on experience in realistic scenarios prior to classroom use

  • Help getting started

    Experience what the student sees, then launch and monitor activity from the teacher's point of view.

  • Sample scenarios

    Homework assignments, test preparation, project-based learning, flipped classroom

  • Access to templates

    Use predefined templates for common classroom situations. Modify them as you like.

  • Full support

    Technical support and application guidance.